Ski Season Preparation Morzine

So have you every given a thought to what goes on behind the scenes of a ski resort as summer turns to winter and the nights start to draw in? Well… Loads! The autumn here in Morzine is a beautiful place to be, with the mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, we get tons of colour in the foliage and its still pretty warm.

We’ve already had the first snows of the autumn, with a bit lingering on the Dent Blanche over in Switzerland, and its a good reminder that winter is definitely around the corner. We took a sunny Sunday stroll with the kids up to Lindarets, passing through the Village of the Goats (still in full swing, with two restaurants open for the local day trippers!) and it was great to see that the winter prep is all go! I had driven up a bit higher in the Defender a few weeks back to check the progress of the new Brochaux lift and pistes, but its not just there that SERMA are working….

The cables of the chair lifts get x-rayed at regular intervals to check how many cracks they have in the multi strand cables and they are on a scheduled replacement program….

Lindarets Express was having the full treatment, with all the chairs off and new cables being installed.

Along side all of this, there have been lots of earthworks across the Portes du Soleil, after the heavy rain and land slides in the spring, so the crews have been kept very busy! All this work gets done before the ground freezes and life becomes a bit difficult for building!

Looking forward to the first frosts and proper snow falls now!! Cant wait!!

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